a) Campus : The school is situated in serene environment surrounded by greenery,spread over an area of 6 acres.

b) Reception: For comfortable waiting and cordial greeting.

c) Lecture hall: Well ventilated spacious class rooms with AV aids.

d) Fundamental Lab: Equipped with Real size dummies, cardiac table, Ward Articles, Cardiopulmonany Resusication material, suction machine, ideal ward situation for performing different nursing procedures prior to their exposure to the clinical field.

e) Anatomy Lab: Equipped with human skeleton Bone models & charts for theoretical & Practical learning of students.

f) Community Lab: Equipped with community bags, models, charts to give health education during field visits, health camps, school visits, health talks etc.

g) Computer Lab: Equipped with Computers, LCD’s, Internet facility for latest outlook.

h) Nutrition Lab: Equipped with all basic amenities for training students to learn various types of food preparations in order to get best nutritive value needed in different diseases.

i) Hostel: Well furnished Rooms with cots, table, chairs, cupboards & all basic amenities for providing comfortable atmosphere is our priority.

j) Mess: A clean spacious & cool environment where food prepared with hygienic methods is served to the students. Menu is prepared by the Mess committee in coordination with students, staff & management. Food preparation is checked at regular intervals by committee members.

k) Dispensary: Everest charitable dispensary for first aid at campus with qualified doctor available.

l) Library: Reference books, course books, newspapers, magazines, journals for providing learning environment.

m) Playground: Apart from studies an area for physical workup. We encourage evening sports and yoga.

n) Transport facility: Own school bus with efficient responsible driver available for students to get them to clinical & community duties.

o) Prayer Room: Blessing of almighty for one and all are wished during morning and evening prayers.