Aims & Objectives

Everest school of nursing aims at imparting quality education and providing excellent professional training to the students to enable them successfully meet the challenging demands of medical profession, generate competent young staff Nurses to cater the requirements of hospital, dispensaries, community centres, institution etc., in today’s world of increased rise in public awareness and expectancy.

At ESN students take oath to dedicate their whole life in service of mankind; they are taught principles of caring, dedication, excellence and integrity so that they could assume responsibilities in their field as professional nurse; with an eye for the better performance.


In providing young qualified nurses ESN tries :

  1. To provide better quality services in medical profession.
  2. Develop skills in learning, critical thinking management, problem solving abilities, competence and compassionate professional nurse that enables them to work in varied settings.
  3. To assist the students in their professional, personal and overall development.
  4. To prepare the students to work like a team in the field of work; ability to adjust and work in meeting emergency situations.
  5. To make them good learner by promoting skills of self learning.
  6. To develop an attitude of devotion, courtesy, human values in students and groom them for bright career.

Teaching Methodology

Our motto: Teach in a way to make students understand the concept.

Teaching method includes Lectures, Live demonstrations seminars, competitions, group discussion, workshops, training programs, field visits, health talks, clinical experience in Govt. & Pvt. hospitals in I.C.U, O.T, Labour room, wards, nursery units etc, medical camps, students actively participate in all these programmes under the motivation and guidance of faculty.